Kɔ̃mi kɛ Kenaŋ Sane/ Kenkey Party- Bilingual Childrens books

"Leebi ko lɛ, Kɔmi kɛ kenaŋ eba Akwei kɛ Naa tsine. Amɛ mli ntao ni amɛtsɛ kɔmi yeli kɛ numɔ.

Shi ŋshɔŋloo ni akɛbaashi kenaŋ lɛ bɛ."

One morning, Akwei and Naa wanted to have a Kenkey party. But there was no fish.

Join Naa and Akwei on an African food adventure!

Kɔ̃mi kɛ Kenaŋ Sane/ Kenkey Party is written and illustrated for Ghanaian 4 to 10-year old foodies and is best read out loud by both adults and children. After reading this, they will not only enjoy the story, but will also learn that sitting down to a meal of kɔmi, shito and fried fish is not simply a fun party but a creative, thoughtful, and laborious process to which a whole community contributes.

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Mama A. Nii Owoo

Lead Researcher

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