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This Lesson will introduce you to the Gã. language.

Your lesson pack contains more information and notes about this topic. Your handout has instructions for this lesson. You can also find supplementary information relating to our online tutorial here.

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ŋamɔ́i kɛ̀ nɔheremɔi (Greetings and Responses) Yitso: Botoi, jwɛ̀ŋmɔ he, wiemɔ, ni oŋma (Topic: Listen, think, speak and write)

Learn how to say the greetings in Gã. Gã is spoken by the people of Accra in Ghana.


Learning Outcomes

G: Esa akɛ̀ ni nikaselɔ: 

  • Ale Gã ŋamɔ́i kɛ̀ nɔheremɔi. Esa ni enu shishi ni ele ŋamɔ́ yɛ̀ bei asrɔtei amli.
  • Nikaselɔi lɛ̀ kɛ̀ ŋamɔ́i baa shwɛ̀. Mɛ̀ni ji ŋamɔ́i lɛ̀ ashishi yɛ̀ Ga mli? Yɛ̀ Blɔfo mli hu?
  • Ale ŋamɔ́i lɛ̀ ŋmaa yɛ̀ Gã mli kɛ̀ Blɔfo mli.

B:  At the end of this unit the pupil should:

  •  Know and understand the appropriate use of the basic greetings and responses to greetings in Gã for different occasions.
  • Role play basic scenarios for greetings in different social settings, identify English equivalents and contrast their meanings.
  • They should be able to spell some of these greetings in Ga and compare them to their English equivalents. 

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